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Pacific Coffee

Autumn Coffee Festival Week (til 20/9)

- 10 % off on Beans (Pacific Coffee/ Graffeo/ Oklao)

- 15% off on Coffee Accessories (except discounted product) 

- Purchase any JURA Coffee Machine free a set of JURA Cappuccino Cups Limited Edition (set of 2) Valued $390

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  1. Decaf Espresso Blend (250g)
    • Decaffeinated Coffee, Pacific Coffee
    • Mild, chocolate, sweet
  2. Seattle City - West Coast Signature (250g)
    • Blends, Pacific Coffee
    • Bitter chocolate, roasted almond
  3. Espresso Blend - Our Signature Coffee (250g)
    • Blends, Pacific Coffee
    • Roasted nuts, lingering acidity
  4. Mocha Java (250g)

    Mocha Java (250g)

    HKD 98.00 / 250g
    • Blends, Pacific Coffee
    • Complex fruity aromas combined with rich chocolaty flavors
  5. Ethiopia Sidamo (250g)

    Ethiopia Sidamo (250g)

    HKD 98.00 / 250g
    • Single Origin, Pacific Coffee
    • Prominent dark cherry and plum flavors with complex acidity
  6. Mexico Sierra Madre de Chiapas (250g)
    • Single Origin, Pacific Coffee
    • Fine light, bright cup-quality, with delicate floral aromatics