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Premium 18/25 Altura Drip Coffee

Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. 

—No matter you are at Work, at Home or Camping. 

Flavours: Cherries, Roasted Nuts,

Lingering Toffee Aftertaste and a smooth body. 

Farm Direct: Enjoy a cup of coffee in a sustainable way. 

18/25 Altura Drip Coffee - Farm Direct (10 pcs/ Box)

Premium 18/25 Altura beans represents the peak of coffee quality, blending 100% Arabica high-grown coffees from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Sumatra in Indonesia. Expect this coffee to be supremely balanced with grapefruit acidity, cherry sweetness, rich roasted nuts, a silky-smooth body, and a lingering toffee aftertaste.

Altura in Spanish is “high” or “altitude”, which reflects both the growing conditions for these high-grown beans, as well as their premium, high-quality nature. “18/25” points to 18 grams of coffee extracted for a total brewing time of about 25 seconds, which represents the peak of coffee quality of Premium 18/25 Altura beans. Besides, the coffee beans are sourced directly from farmers, which helps drive the sustainable development of coffee farms.

Steps for Brewing:

1. TEAR: Gently tear off the top of the filter bag.

2. PULL OUT: Pull the flaps outward to rest on the lip of the cup.

3. BREW: Slowly add a small amount of hot water. Wait 30 secs, then slowly pour in hot water to fill up the filter bag (~85°C,180ml of water).

4. REMOVE: Remove the filter bag. Sit back & ENJOY!

Cherries, Roasted Nuts, Toffee

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Premium 18/25 Altura Drip Coffee

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