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Arabica Coffee Beans Hong Kong - Coffee Solutions by Pacific Coffee

Fancy getting arabica coffee beans in Hong Kong? Coffee Solutions by Pacific Coffee offers you our best selection of top beans, sorted from classic origins.

Coffee Beans

  1. Kenya AA Kirinyaga (250g)

    Kenya AA Kirinyaga (250g)

    HKD 118.00 / 250g
    • Single Origin, Pacific Coffee
    • Full and silky body with complex fruit flavors
  2. Costa Rica Tarrazu (250g)
    • Single Origin, Pacific Coffee
    • Brown sugar and dark fruit flavour with a clean aftertaste
  3. Indonesia - Sumatra Mandheling (250g)
    • Single Origin, Pacific Coffee
    • Rich, earthy, woody
  4. Crema Scura 18/25 Altura - Farm Direct (250g)
    • Blends, Pacific Coffee
    • Roasted nuts, caramel, dark chocolate
  5. Colombia - Supremo Apia (250g)
    • Single Origin, Pacific Coffee
    • Caramel, sweet balanced acidity
  6. Decaf Espresso Blend (250g)
    • Decaffeinated Coffee, Pacific Coffee
    • Mild, chocolate, sweet