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Hong Kong Espresso Coffee Machine Brand - Coffee Solutions by Pacific Coffee

JURA - a recommended espresso coffee machine brand in Hong Kong, brings ultimate the Swiss technology to coffee lovers. The unique design of coffee machines with espresso makes them an attractive addition to any home.

The team of Coffee Solutions by Pacific Coffee works with a goal in mind to provide ultimate coffee pleasure to each customer. We use our experience and awareness to provide fully customized espresso coffee machine.

Coffee Solutions by Pacific Coffee is known as one of the best providers of espresso machine Hong Kong. We deal in both espresso machine and premium coffee beans.

If you and your family members require coffee to boost up in the morning and planning to buy an espresso coffee machine for home, then you should consider below points:

Scheduled Brewing:

With the amazing feature, you can start your day with a nice cup of coffee without any delay. Fill the coffee maker with your favorite coffee grounds and water. Set the coffee machine and schedule the time in the night. Get a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning.

espresso machine brand:

Before buying a coffee machine brand for office or home, the first thing to consider is a good brand. In the market, you will find a variety of coffee machines but first to choose is brand on top of the price. The only reason for this is to get a durable and trustworthy product. It is worthwhile to check the brand and their production policy before purchase.


There are two options available in the market, Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic. In a semi-automatic machine, more physical effort and practice are required to get a perfect brew. In fully-automatic high-end machines, you will get plenty of options which will allow making your favorite coffee with a few button presses.

Care and Maintenance:

It is very important to keep the machine clean as the oil that comes out of coffee beans clings on the water screen of your machine and the brass surface. It blocks the filter passage and troubles the machine. Thus, it is necessary to keep a regular check on maintenance.

Coffee beans selection:

Espresso is made with any type of coffee bean. To make drip coffee, French press, and percolator you can use beans that are labelled as Espresso Roast.


Check your budget before choosing the espresso machine. Not all best machines need to come with a high price tag. Before going for a purchase, use your internet to review on the machines available in the market. Find the best machine as per your budget and do not comprise on the quality.

Jura Elektroapparate - Espresso Machine

Pacific Coffee is one of the best sellers of espresso machine hong kong. Jura is a Swiss developer coffee machine and is best known for its fully automatic espresso machines. At Pacific coffee, you can find a variety of fully automatic coffee machines with classy design and outlook. At the touch of a button, you can make one of the best coffees with these espresso machines. They come with three different capacities as per the need of business like powerful, compact, and slim. 

Jura as a brand

Jura is a brand that has all the qualities of the best espresso coffee machine. It makes reliable and sturdy machines. It handles everything via a build-in rotary switch except buttons. The coffees made out of Jura machines give the full flavor of coffee beans. These machines are easy to maintain and has great aroma extraction technology. It has a different coffee blend option available in a simple push of a button. Jura espresso machine brand is the best seller in Hong Kong. It looks stylish and high-end and makes the kitchen corner the most attractive place in the house. It is less noisy and has an automated self-clean feature too.

Why go to a coffee shop for your favorite cup of coffee when you can bring these handy machines right into your kitchen. We guarantee that you will never regret. There are many options for espresso machines available at Pacific coffee which can suit your needs. 

Coffee Machine

JURA Accessories and Tableware Promotion 2021

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  1. JURA Z6 G2 Demo Machine (Grade B)

    JURA Z6 G2 Demo Machine (Grade B)

    HKD 28,880.00 HKD 12,996.00
    • 19 coffee specialties programs
    • Powerful
    • JURA fine foam technology
    • Hygiene Standards
    • Mobile App Control
  2. [New Features] JURA E8 (INTA) - New Piano Black
    • 17 coffee specialties programs
    • Compact
    • JURA fine foam technology
    • Hygiene Standards
    • Mobile App Control
  3. JURA Z6 G2 Demo Machine (Grade A)

    JURA Z6 G2 Demo Machine (Grade A)

    HKD 28,880.00 HKD 15,884.00
    • 19 coffee specialties programs
    • Powerful
    • JURA fine foam technology
    • Hygiene Standards
    • Mobile App Control