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Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Recommendations 2019

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Brewing coffee at home is the common habit for many coffee lovers. Using one of the most convenient brewing methods i.e. fully automatic coffee machine helps you to make your coffee specialty drinks with just one touch –don’t forget to put your coffee beans, prepare the water & milk in advance. As there are so many brands to choose, we should take note for the below important criteria in choosing fully automatic coffee machine:

  • Operating System

Easy to use – With only few steps to make coffee 

Mobile App Control – change your preference of machine setting anytime

  • Size & Weight

Depends on the machine location

Compact size fits for kitchen cupboard but remind the water tank moving area (water refill)。

Larger size fits for any table surface, no special limitation.

  • Water tank & Capacity

The design of water tank should be good for daily use. If large consumption, larger water tank capacity is recommended (to avoid no. of time to fill water).

  • Bean container & Capacity

Cover with lid and aroma preservation is needed to better coffee beans storage and keep the freshness of the beans.

  • Daily Maintenance

Any alarm of coffee machine for cleaning, easy cleaning process 

Compared to the various fully automatic coffee machine brands, JURA, a global premium Swiss coffee expert since 1931 share a high quality, innovation and great customer experience to coffee professionals. 

With the three new JURA fully automatic coffee machines launched in 2019, JURA leads the coffee industry to another hit.  Find out the 3 fully automatic coffee machine recommendations by JURA as below:

Fully automatic coffee machine recommendation 1:

JURA S8  [Suggested retail price: HK $16,880]

Fully automatic coffee machine

S8 is an aesthetic, masterpiece of harmonious design in moon light silver colour with clear-cut, sculptural deign and the stylish S line.  The integrated 4.3” high-resolution colour touchscreen display makes the automatic machine incredibly simple to operate. Individual preferences can be programmed so users can become professional baristas to design unique and personalized coffee with this satisfying machine. 

Professional Recommendation & Awards:

  • Red Dot Award 2018 winner
  • Housewares Design Award (Best in Category, Countertop Beverage Appliances)
  • Stiftung Warentest – awards

Click here for more JURA S8 details

Fully automatic coffee machine recommendation 2:

JURA ENA 8 [Suggested retail price: HK$9,880 (Metropolitan Black and Sunset Red models) & HK$14,880 (Signature line - Massive Aluminum model)]

Fully automatic coffee machine

ENA 8 is small, elegant, simple and freshly ground. There are three attractive models: Signature line- Massive Aluminum, Metropolitan Black and Sunset Red. 

Size of ENA 8 is only 27.1cm wide, 32.3cm high and 44.5cm deep, can fit anywhere to prepare a wide range of top-quality speciality coffees to coffee lovers. The highlight of this coffee machine is the 360° round water tank. Its cylindrical shape is inspired by elegant crystal carafes. 

Professional Recommendation & Awards:

  • Red Dot Award 2019 winner
  • IF Product Design Award 2019

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Fully automatic coffee machine recommendation 3:

JURA E8 [Suggested retail price: HK$12,880]

Fully automatic coffee machine

E8 is the most successful automatic speciality coffee machine in JURA’s history. Its Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P. ® ), Aroma grinder and professional fine foam frother in E8 provide coffee connoisseurs an intensively aromatic coffee experience. To make it easier to use, the company has done improvements on E8, with 50% more specialties and a more sophisticated design. The new E8 is in the colour of Piano Black. 

Click here for more JURA E8 details.

JURA Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Comparison

Suggested Retail Price (HK) $16,880 $9,880 (Metropolitan Black and Sunset Red; 
$14,880 (Signature line- Massive Aluminum)
Feature Integrated 4.3” high-resolution colour touchscreen display Compact size Value for money
Water Tank  Capacity (L) 1.9 1.1 1.9
Container Capacity (g) 280 125 280


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