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JURA Milk Frother

The Milk Frother is ideal for all those who love speciality coffees with milk.

Easy one-button operation

To select cold, warm or hot milk foam, all you have to do is press the ergonomic button once, twice or three times. The self-explanatory pictograms indicate the selected mode.


Milk 340 ml
Milk foam 250 ml

*Remarks: This product is non-repairable & excluded from warranty service.7 days product exchange guarantee.

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JURA Milk Frother

Wide choice of recipes

You can invent your own recipes or take inspiration from magazines, TV programmes or recipe books. And the Automatic Milk Frother helps you create perfect results every time.

JURA Milk Frother

Chilled foam or hot milk

A quiet electric motor drives the attachment in the milk container without coming into direct contact with it. This attachment makes perfect fine milk foam, either cold, warm or hot depending on preference. If only hot milk is required, a second attachment prevents the milk from burning.

JURA Milk Frother

High quality, elegant & easy to clean

The frother is also very easy to clean: the magnetic drive allows the pitcher to be immersed in water and rinsed out.

JURA Milk Frother


The supply cable and attachments fit easily into the bottom of the base unit, allowing the Automatic Milk Frother to be conveniently stored along with all its accessories.

JURA Milk Frother

HKD 1,150.00