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JURA & Octopus - Simple and Profitable Self-service Coffee Solutions

JURA Fully Automatic Coffee Machine plus Octopus Payment System

This is an effortless way for users to pay for barista style coffee from bean to cup simply with just ONE click.

JURA fully automatic coffee machines are compatible with Octopus payment system. Which are perfectly designed to create perfect coffee every time with daily capacity over 100 cups for different needs.





Profitable Solutions

With Octopus payment system well connected to JURA fully automatic coffee machine, usage and revenue will be raised due to the high penetration rate for the convenient payment method.

Suitable for all kind of business needs.




Simple Management

Transaction records can be easily reviewed and monitored.
Consumption and revenue report can be that simple to manage.




set up



Explore Business Opportunities

A variety of settings are available for wide range of occasions.

Develop unlimited business opportunities for your company.





When the best meets the best - JURA & Octopus Card

Combination of the world class coffee machine and the most convenient payment system at your location. Instant purchase for a barista-style coffee in just one button.

It brings out the ultimate coffee experience, not just in a particular business area but everywhere.

Contact us for the best coffee solution that fits your business need:

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Fax: (852) 3764 0297