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Machine Enquiries

JURA machines are available from our online shop here & JURA Showroom. 
You can also buy from authorized subdealers (J-SELECT & Lane Crawford). 

JURA coffee machines are engineered in Switzerland and made in Europe.

Please re-check the box in case the missing part is still in there and, if it is not, please return the entire machine to your point of purchase for a replacement or contact Coffee Solutions by Pacific Coffee Services Hotline 852 8100 0622.

Over time, limescale slows waterflow, reduces the capacity and could reduce the effectiveness of heating the water used to make your drinks.

Descaling every 2-3 months gets rid of the build up of limescale (Automatic signal will be detected by coffee machine), keeping water flow fast and pump pressure high.

Remarks: Using Original JURA Maintainance Product can help to maintain your machine life & coffee quality.
If filter mode is active, no descaling is needed (recommended). 

It is recommended that you should clean the drip tra and coffee ground container daily by  under clean water while water tank requires a milk bottle brush to clean. If milk system is used, please use JURA Milk System Cleaner for milk tube cleaning.

Please refer to the user menu for detail descaling process.


  • Fill the beans container with roasted, untreated coffee beans.
  • If beans heavy in oils, treated with addictives (e.g. sugar) or freeze-dried coffee are used, they may stick on the grinder and make it unstable.


Pre-ground coffee

  • Add max. 2 level measuring spoons of pre-ground coffee to the powder funnel. If pre-ground flavor coffee, instant coffee powder, chocolate powder or other beverage powder is added to the powder funnel, it may jam the brewing unit of the machine.


Grind Setting

  • Select the grind setting based on the roast degree of beans, as it affects the taste of the coffee.
  • For darker roasted beans, a coarser grind is recommended; while for lighter roasted beans, a finer grind is recommended. If too fine the beans are ground, the coffee may taste too strong or too bitter.
  • Always turn the grinder adjustment switch to desired position when the grinder is running.


  • Coffee contains 98% of water. The water quality has a great influence on the quality of the coffee.
  • Filtered water and distilled water in room temperature is recommended

Heating the water causes calcium to be deposited, and thus affecting the heating of water to the desired temperature or uneven extraction of the coffee.

  • JURA CLARIS filter is recommended

It removes most toxins and chlorine residues from the water, while the minerals and fluorides that are important for health are retained. And as the water is always freshly filtered for your coffee, it ensures consistently high water quality and therefore the coffee quality.


  • Use fresh and cold milk for making a fine and creamy foam. The ideal temperature of the milk for frothing is between 4-8℃.
  • If chocolate milk is used for frothing, it may stick in the milk pipes and milk frother during the process. Instead, you can add chocolate powder to the hot milk for making a hot chocolate.