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Our Story

The evolution of the perfect cup
In 1992, the founder of Pacific Coffee arrived in Hong Kong from Seattle. Touched by hardworking Hong Kongers, he set out to create a sanctuary for these busy people, using coffee to boost their spirits. Our first coffeehouse was opened in the Bank of America Tower in Central. The now classic circular logo with a coffee cup and beans has been in used since then. The three smoke pillars connect the red frame with the interior elements, making everything whole. “The Perfect Cup” printed on the logo was a manifesto of our service pledge and serves as a constant reminder to every staff member. We strive to provide “The perfect cup, any time, anywhere”. The italicized Pacific Coffee Company underneath the red circle alludes to Chinese calligraphy. The red, gold and black color combo reflects the east-meets-west spirit embodied by the brand.

In 2010, Pacific Coffee became part of China Resources Group, setting its eyes on the mainland with an ambitious expansion plan. In a later image revamp, the brand logo’s color combo has been changed to red, black and white and the word “company” cut from the logo. 

As we continue to grow, our logo has evolved further. It is now a red circle with a coffee cup and coffee beans, and the name Pacific Coffee is placed within the red circle. Pacific Coffee does not only provide a perfect cup, but also a total lifestyle. “The cup, the thought, my way” is now the new motto. 

Our brand is recognized as serving some of the best coffees in Hong Kong, having won major consumer awards given by major magazines and websites. The times are changing, and so is our brand. But at Pacific Coffee we keep a gracious and humble heart, and offer a heartfelt service that is always customer-oriented.


Our Promise

We have a passion for coffee and are committed to making our coffeehouses an urban oasis that promotes a slower pace of life. It’s our pledge to provide customers with quality handcrafted coffee and beverages and a really comfortable place to hang out, with plenty of food choices that are freshly made and delivered every morning. To make every customer’s visit a pleasant one, we pay attention to every little detail from the quality of our food and beverage, to interior decor, music selection and reading materials. It is an affordable luxury that customers can enjoy in everyday life.


Our Mission

With our motto "The Cup, The Thought, My Way", we strive to offer customers a total lifestyle experience.

‘The Cup’ – Brewing a quality cup from the heart 
‘The Thought’ – Serving with humility and sensibility
‘My Way’ – Crafting a space for the enjoyment of life


Our Technology

In addition to world-class coffee, great food and comfortable surroundings, we also help our customers stay connected.

Whether for business or leisure, our in-store internet facilities allow customers access to get online, when and where they need it. We strive to provide the most up-to-date technology available by continually upgrading the internet connectivity in our stores with long-time partner PCCW.

We currently provide complimentary Netvigator Broadband Service through computer terminals in our Hong Kong stores. In addition, most stores are equipped with CSL Wi-Fi for use by service subscribers. Perfect Cup Card members will be given two free 60-minute Wi-Fi sessions upon request. During their next visits within 30 days, their devices will be automatically connected to the Wi-Fi again at just a touch of the screen.

Whether for impromptu business meeting, web surfing, or simple entertainment, Pacific Coffee makes state-of-the-art technology available to our tech-savvy customers. 

Our Community Spirit

As a reflection of our customers, employees and owners, we strive to be a contributing member of the communities we serve. 

Our love for the local community has played an important role in defining who we are as a company. Our participation levels are varied and numerous but in most cases our fundraising efforts are dedicated to the disabled or less fortunate children and supporting environmental causes. 

There are many different charity partners that we have worked with over the years. To name a few, we have developed longstanding relationships with Changing Young Lives Foundation, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Sowers Action, The Nature Conservancy, the Green Peace, WWF Hong Kong and The World Vision. 

We also regularly support educational, social, and arts organizations in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Chinese Mainland, an example of which is Sowers Action. Through this partnership, Pacific Coffee made donations to build an extension to the Fengxing Village Central Primary School in Tianshui City, Gansu Province in 2013. The school’s multipurpose teaching building was built and named as “Pacific Coffee Sower’s Hope Teaching Building”. The new building has served to provide a better learning environment for local students.

In 2015, Pacific Coffee was awarded a 5 Years+ Caring Company. This award recognizes our long-term efforts in corporate social responsibility, another stamp of approval by the Hong Kong public that we hold dear.


Our Thought of the Farm Charity Fund

We have brought a farm-direct coffee bean experience to customers since the debut of 18/25 Altura in November 2014. To further strengthen the connection between coffee products and coffee communities, we have established “Thought of the Farm Charity Fund” to give back to farming communities. For every 18/25 Altura promotional drink sold, Pacific Coffee donates HK$1 to the Fund. As of 2016, we have donated over HKD130,000 to the Fund. All money raised is used to improve the livelihood of local farmers.


Our Continuous Environment

Pacific Coffee is also known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Many of our products reflect this commitment. 18/25 Altura - from farm to cup direct - is a premium bean launched in 2014 to bring the best quality to customers, while recognizing the hard work of the farmers. We also invest in our consumables. Our cups for cold drinks are made from 100% compostable corn complex instead of petroleum products. Our garbage bags are added with “Breakdown Plastic”, an organic additive that speeds up biodegradation to 1 to 5 years. Our napkins are made from clean white paper leftover from the production of cups and booklets. We also use energy saving light bulbs to reduce electricity consumption while prolonging the lifespan of electronic fixtures. 

We also make sure that by-products do not go straight to the landfill. Leftover coffee ground from daily operation is sent to recycling and used as a key facilitator for food waste processing, eventually turning food waste into organic fertilizer. Customers are encouraged to collect any portion of coffee ground for free from our coffeehouses.  We also reward customers who share this belief with us. Incentives are offered to customers who bring their own mugs or tumblers for beverage purchase, or return used cup lids to us. We also partner with Food Angel to donate unsold bakery items to those in need. Other partners we work with on environmental conservation include Friends of the Earth (HK), Greenpeace, World Wild Fund for Nature Hong Kong and The Nature Conservancy.


Our People 

Any discussion of our company would be incomplete without talking about the most important element–our people. Customers will find our staff, like our coffee, to be of the finest quality and character, carefully nurtured to guarantee a first-class experience. We take care to train and develop managers and staff to the highest caliber. Success in implementing our bottom-to-top training programs has proven invaluable in achieving service excellence and ultimate customer satisfaction.