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Crema Scura 18/25 Altura - Farm Direct (250g)

Premium Crema Scura Series from Farm-Direct

Cherries, roasted nuts, lingering toffee aftertaste, and a smooth body
Perfect for all coffee beverages in organic way

1825 Altura - Farm Direct

This special blend represents the peak of coffee quality, blending 100% Arabica high-grown coffees from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Sumatra in Indonesia. This Viennese (medium) roast ensures that an optimal blance between origin character and flavor development from roasting is achieved. The coffees used are sourced roaster, provideing unequalted quality in the cup. Expect this coffee to be supremely balanced with grapefruit acidity, cherry sweetness, rich roasted nuts, a silky-smooth body, and a lingering toffee aftertaste.

The name of the blend has been chosen to reflect the quality of this extraordinary blend. Altura in Spanish is “high” or “altitude,” which reflects both the growing conditions for these high-grown beans, as well as their premium, high-quality nature. “1825” points to a unique brewing recipe used for this blend, namely, 18 grams of coffee extracted for a total brewing time of about 25 seconds.

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Cherries, Roasted Nuts, Toffee

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Crema Scura 18/25 Altura - Farm Direct (250g)

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