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Business Solutions



Professional Service & All-Round Support

  • Equipped with our own service team Providing you professional services at all time

  • Acting as the official distributor of JURA in Hong Kong and Macau Getting the direct support from factory

For Corporate

Flexible solution package with high quality coffee to meet your needs

Coffee machines

Flexible & customized package

  • Carefree payment system

  • Advanced JURA apps
  • Mobile coffee cart

Coffee beans

A wide variety of quality freshly-roasted beans

  • Premium beans
  • Organic & fair-trade beans
  • Decaffeinated beans​

Condiments & other accessories

  • Paper cups & lids
  • Sugar
  • Straws & Stirrers
  • Napkins

For Hotel & Catering

Our one-stop coffee solution provides you with a suitable package for every occasion

  • The well-rounded solution
    With consistent quality coffee for any business needs

  • High capacity coffee machines
    A wide range of machinery for your cafes, restaurants, banqueting and staff canteens
  • Small capacity coffee machines
    Impress your guests with premium in-room service
  • Handy coffee tools
    Simple coffee tools to serve your guest right
  • Filter coffee pack
    Enjoy quality coffee with no tool needed

Customized Solution

Expertise in customizing coffee-related products to provide you and your guests with a unique experience

  • Private label coffee beans
    Customized beans with own branding tailoring to your needs
  • Gifting
    Treating your guests with premium coffee set & coffee tools with your branding