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Our experts of coffee machine for office use can provide the right suggestions. Either direct purchase coffee machine or coffee machines rental is available for office use, keeping your team motivated and energized.

If you are wondering how to select coffee machines for office use, you should consider the tips given below to find the right machine or coffee machine rental:

1. Estimate the number of cups of coffee your employees consume on an average every day

To decide what kind of coffee machine for office use and with what capacity, you need to find out the average number of cups your employees drink every day at work. Also, also see how many people o an average visit your office every day as guests and drink coffee. It will help you choose the right coffee machine for your office use. Avoid buying or going for coffee machine rental which is over or under capacity for your office usage. Determining how much coffee is consumed in your office every day on an average would help you determine the type of coffee machine for office use you should choose.

2. Choose the type of brewed coffee would suit your needs

When you choose a coffee machine for your office use, it is important to consider the kind of coffee you, your employees and guests prefer. Do you like fresh beans coffee, filter coffee, or instant coffee? There are various ways of coffee which are prepared in different ways. You need to decide which coffee machine for coffee machines would suit your needs in the best possible way.

3. Consider how much time it would take to clean and maintain a coffee machine

When you have a coffee machine in your office that is used every day, it also needs cleaning and maintenance. You need to consider the amount of time it would take to clean and maintain the machine depending on the type of machine you intend to get for your office. For instance, it might take longer to clean an espresso machine as compared to some others. Before getting a coffee machine for your office use, you can check how much time it would take to clean the machine.

4. Consider how long it takes to prepare one cup of coffee on a machine

If you have guests over at your office regularly for meetings, you would be needing a lot of cups of coffee in a very short amount of time. It would be better to go for an Instant coffee machine or a Cafitesse. The coffee would be prepared within a few seconds. Or if you want fresh beans espresso coffee, you can get an espresso coffee machine. Based on what is more important, the time it would take to prepare one cup of coffee or the quality of coffee you want to be served in your office, you can make your decision to buy the coffee machine you need in your office.

5. Determine how much you are willing to spend and find out how much each cup of coffee would cost you

Price is one of the main factors whenever you decide to buy something new for your office. Coffee machines are no exception. However, it is not only important to look at the prices of the appliance but also price per cup. Depending on the kind of coffee you want for your office people and how much time you are willing to give for preparing one cup of coffee, you can make the list of machines you want to buy from or choose from coffee machine rental service provider. This would help you get the right deal.

Pacific Coffee

Pacific Coffee Solutions offers ultimate coffee enjoyment and its experts can help you make the right choice for your office use coffee machine. Their Coffee solutions team uses their treasured experience and knowledge to deliver fully custom-made coffee solutions whether it is a direct purchase or coffee machine rental for commercial purposes.


A good coffee machine saves time, costs and can even be a profitable addition to the workplace.

As a business owner, it may seem like a challenge to continually keep one’s team motivated and energized. Whether you want to provide the coffee to staff for free or not, Coffee Solutions by Pacific Coffee can offer you a plain and simple solution. Through our services, a cup of quality coffee becomes an affordable luxury.

Identify Your Ideal Coffee Machine through 3 Simple Steps

Our Coffee Solutions team will provide suggestions on the right coffee machine that will best fit your corporate needs and return on investment, with outstanding accuracy every single time.



Learn about your company’s coffee consumption at work


Estimate the return on investment of having a high-quality company coffee machine in the office/ workplace


Suggest which type of beans would best fit your company’s needs and preferences.

The Best Coffee Solutions with JURA good

JURA coffee machines offer you the freedom of choice when it comes to sourcing fresh coffee beans and finding the right fit for any workplace based on coffee consumption patterns.




UP TO 30 CUPS cup

The award winning coffee machine, perfect for smaller workplaces.

The innovative technologies behind the WE8’s intuitive front touch display ensures that even inexperienced users can enjoy a wide choice of superlative coffee, from a one-touch machine that looks almost as good as the coffee tastes.

Discover More: WE8




UP TO 80 CUPS cup

The latest in coffee machine excellence, built specially for medium sized offices.

This one touch automatic machine with its smart coherent operating system and cup positioning aids first time users in their search for the best quality fresh coffee with a large variety of styles.

Discover More: X8




UP TO 120 CUPS cup

The GIGA X3c/X3 built for large volumes of brewing and a variety of tastes, with over 30 fresh specialty coffees at the touch of a button.

As simple as it is to maintain, the GIGA X3 is easy to use with a large [1kg] bean container and aroma preservation cover. Its integrated rinsing and cleaning operations commence with the press of a finger to minimize the amount of work needed to maintain the machine on a daily basis.

Discover More: GIGA X3C 

Discover More: GIGA X3




UP TO 180 CUPS cup

The GIGA X8c/X8, a superfast, high capacity, compact coffee machine for perfect coffee in the busiest workplaces.

Its ease of use, speed, and time-saving capabilities make the GIGA X8 a powerful but compact, high capacity coffee machine that works efficiently and continuously, ideal for use in catering and high traffic office areas.

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Discover More: GIGA X8



Your Successful Business Partner

Coffee Solutions works with JURA to supply comprehensive reliable support through award winning coffee machines. From innovatively compact machines that fit seamlessly into smaller workspaces to high capacity coffee machines that can serve up to 180 cups of delicious piping hot brew in one day, the possibilities provided by Coffee Solutions are limitless.