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Coffee Solutions provides homeline and JURA professional coffee machines that best suit you. We are available here for the ultimate solutions as the sole official distributor of JURA in Macau and Hong Kong.

If you love coffee, there could hardly be anything better than sitting with a nice hot cup of coffee and enjoying beautiful cold weather. Homeline coffee machine can be a great choice if you want a quick cup of coffee. These days there are several coffee machine HK options available for home coffee makers, and based on what you need, you can bring the best coffee machine in Hong Kong with some simple tips.

Perhaps you want a simple solution or best bargain possible, or maybe you want something with great advanced features. Whatever you want, here are a few tips to help you figure out what you want and then choose from different coffee machine Hong Kong available in the market.

1. Coffee machine Analysis

The homeline coffee machine with the simplest features comprises nothing more than the coffee machine, a pot, and a switch to operate the machine. On the other hand, an advanced and luxurious coffee machine Hong Kong are usually equipped with some great high tech features. It is not necessary that you would be using all the features. While some of them might come in very handy, you might hardly remember to use other features on a regular basis. There are features such as scheduled brewing that you might be able to find in many coffee makers, and advanced features such as freshness timer are included on some high-end home coffee makers. It is important to know what you need.

2. How many cups a coffee machine make at one time?

Before you go out to buy the best coffee machine in Hong Kong, there are a few things you need to consider, such as how many a coffee machine is going to make at a given time. There are options available that can make from one cup of coffee to a standard range of 10-12 cups. Some machines can even make 14 or 16 cups. It would depend on how many members are there in your family and how many cups of coffee you would need at one time.

3. The filtration system in the machine

You can find a number of coffee machines in the market ranging from low to high-end prices. Some machines include filtration that could get rid of impurities from the water. This can have an impact on the quality of how your coffee tastes. But then the taste of your coffee also depends on the quality of your water. If you are using water that doesn't have a good taste, the filtration system in the coffee maker can improve the quality of the water. But you are already using high-quality water, the filtration system would be of no use to you. Also using a filtration system means there would be maintenance work and also replacement cost at some time in the future. So make sure you need a coffee maker with a filtration system before buying.

4. Keeping your coffee warm and fresh

Even after having a fresh cup of coffee out of your coffee machine, you might want one later. However, by then, you might find your coffee burnt or cold. In low quality coffee machines, the quality of coffee declines rapidly after some time. To resolve this issue, you can get a homeline coffee machine with insulated coffee pot carafe that will keep your coffee hot for hours. With a little research, you can find the best coffee machine in Hong Kong.

Pacific Coffee Solutions

With them, you can get some great tailor-made coffee solutions. Each fresh cup of coffee is the true result of comprehensive thought and planning put by the experts to meet your needs. You can get the best coffee machine in Hong Kong with Pacific Coffee that would support all your home or office requirements.

About Coffee Solutions

Coffee Solutions by Pacific Coffee was founded in 1995 with the goal of providing ultimate coffee enjoyment to an extensive range of customers. Inspired by the success of Pacific Coffee’s retail operations, our Coffee Solutions Team uses their wealth of experience and knowledge to provide fully customized coffee solutions packages. With reliable services and a passionate approach towards coffee enjoyment, our professionalism helps every fields find their perfect brew.

Tailor-Made Coffee Solutions

From start to finish, Coffee Solutions offers comprehensive support on all facets of bean-to-cup solutions.  Specially curated packages include an extensive selection of premium quality coffee beans, an impressive range of state-of-the-art machinery, reliable technical service support and diversified financial arrangements. Each freshly-made cup of coffee is the true result of detailed thought and planning for your needs.


Services provided by Coffee Solutions include the following. 

  • Product and service matching with a wide range of machinery & premium beans selections available for direct purchase and rental,

  • Coffee consultancy that includes support on all aspects pertaining to office/workplace, café and restaurant set-up,

  • After sales care through efficient and comprehensive services,

  • Maintenance and comprehensive choices of warranty programs,

  • Training for baristas and operational staff, and

  • Event & catering services for personalized private and business events.


State-of-the-Art Machinery and Premium Coffee Beans

JURA – Swiss World Class Fully Automatic Coffee Machines  

As the sole official distributor of JURA coffee machines in Hong Kong and Macau since 1999, we have represented JURA in the region as the best coffee machine for homes & professionals. 

We work hand in hand with a team of sales professionals highly trained by the JURA headquarter to provide accurate product information and efficient communication with direct network & authorized service centers by JURA. Sharing the value of premium fresh coffee quality, we commit to provide the complete “JURA Swiss Coffee Experience” to our customers.

For more JURA product information, please refer to or shop online in our eshop.

Other equipments (Brewer Grinder & Semi-automatic coffee machine)

For other business which requires professional equipments for high coffee brewing skills & techniques, find our Coffee Solutions consulting & advice would be the best way for your success.

Premium Coffee Beans

We provide a large variety of coffee blends, including coffee beans, ground and decaf coffee. With global sourcing skills, recipes writing for business solutions & good relationship with roasters & farmers, a sustainable coffee supply can be maintained.


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