Why is it so important to maintain an automatic coffee machine on a regular basis?

The right maintenance guarantees the optimum coffee result and measurably extends the lifetime of your automatic machine. When it comes to the perfect coffee result and smooth machine functioning, the cleanliness of the machine and the hygienic handling of milk, coffee and water are just as important as the technical refinements of the automatic machine itself. We have developed the JURA range of phosphate-free maintenance products to make it easy to maintain the machine at the touch of a button. The CLARIS filter delivers perfect water, the cleaning tablets ensure the brewing unit is clean and free from coffee fats, and the milk system rinsing function keeps the pipes clean with absolutely no milk residues.

How much time and effort does the correct maintenance of a coffee machine involve?

If carried out correctly and regularly, it's absolutely minimal. Maintaining a machine is just as simple as preparing a speciality coffee: A touch of a button is all it takes. The combination of original, phosphate-free JURA maintenance products and programmes designed to work with them delivers impeccable cleanliness and consistently perfect coffee results.

What needs to be remembered when maintaining a JURA coffee machine?

Use original maintenance products and use them regularly following the instructions for use. Only original JURA maintenance products guarantee complete hygiene and protection. Only our protective formulas have been carefully optimised to suit the programmes and materials used in JURA automatic machines.

Why is CLARIS suited to mains water anywhere in the world?

The composition of mains water can vary greatly across the world from region to region and from day to day. The limescale content can also be either high or low. Harmful substances such as heavy metals, chlorine or other pollutants can be detected in water everywhere. The modified granule of our filter cartridges always filters limescale to an optimum level (even when the water hardness is low) and reduces the level of all harmful substances more efficiently than ever before. Minerals and fluorides that are important for helping flavours to develop are fully retained in the water. The optimum stabilisation of limescale and efficient filtering of harmful substances always results in optimum water quality for a perfect coffee flavour.

When would you recommend using a CLARIS filter?

Always. Coffee contains 98% water. In addition to calcium, minerals and fluorides, the mains water in many areas contains traces of lead, copper, aluminium and chlorine. Water quality and water hardness vary from place to place and depending on the time of day. With the pioneering new formula, the filter cartridges are ideally suited to mains water anywhere in the world. CLARIS continuously delivers perfectly and freshly filtered water. It absorbs harmful substances such as chlorine and lead while retaining the right amounts of important fluorides, which help the flavours to really develop. This optimum water quality makes every cup of coffee a full-bodied taste experience.

Does the coffee machine still have to be descaled even if using the CLARIS filter?

No, descaling is not necessary if using a CLARIS filter. The composition of the granule inside the filter eliminates harmful substances and optimises the water for the perfect coffee taste. Useful minerals and fluorides are of course retained. The most important new feature of the filter formula is that the calcium carbonate in the water is fully stabilised. As a result, scale does not build up even with frequent steam preparation and the pipes are actively prevented from becoming blocked.

Can mineral water be used in JURA automatic coffee machines?

Mineral water is of a very good quality and provides our bodies with important minerals. However, because the amount of calcium in water with a water hardness of up to 60°dH is far too high compared with mains water, mineral water is not suited to our coffee machines.

Other than calcium, are any other substances filtered out of the water?

Yes. While calcium is the enemy of fluid systems, other elements in water such as lead, copper and aluminium may also be harmful to health. Chlorine also has a negative impact on the taste and smell of the coffee. But some minerals help the flavours to really develop. It goes without saying that these are retained. The composition of the granule inside the CLARIS filter makes this possible. CLARIS reduces harmful substances while also optimising the composition of the water for the perfect coffee taste.

How often do you have to change the CLARIS filter?

Either after 50 litres of water has passed through or after 2 months. It is very important that these intervals are observed for the filter to be fully effective. Otherwise optimum water quality and therefore the perfect cup of coffee are not guaranteed.

Does the CLARIS filter last 50 litres even with hard water?

The CLARIS filter was designed for all water hardnesses. The CLARIS filter therefore last 50 litres even with hard water.

Would you recommend using CLARIS even if a descaling system is fitted?

Yes, because the water hardness may fluctuate a lot even if using a descaling system. This is often due to the regeneration quality, which is unknown. What's more, softeners do not remove substances with a smell and taste, such as chlorine, from the mains water. So again here, the CLARIS filter cartridge is an important water regulator and is key to the aroma of your speciality coffees.

Even though the filter is fitted in the water tank, the display is showing "Please descale". Why?

The automatic coffee machine has not been programmed to filter mode. So the machine does not know that a filter has been inserted and that descaling is therefore not needed.Program and rinse the filter each time the machine is started up.

Despite using CLARIS, limescale and a layer of biofilm form in the water tank over time. What can I do to prevent this?

Of course it is very important that the water tank is washed out thoroughly every day and that it is filled with fresh water every morning. You should also clean the tank thoroughly each time you change the filter. To do this, remove the tank, fill it with water before fitting the new filter, dissolve three JURA descaling tablets in the water and leave to take effect. Then rinse the water tank thoroughly with water and continue as normal with inserting and programming the filter.

What should I do with my filter when I go on holiday?

To prevent the granule from drying out, the filter should always be standing in water, i.e. the base of the water tank should be covered. Ideally store the water tank and filter in a refrigerator. If you don't have space for this, wrap the filter in aluminium foil or a plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator. The filter will then continue to work until after your holiday and will guarantee a perfectly aromatic coffee experience upon your return. After your holiday, change the water and don't forget to thoroughly rinse the water tank and filter. We recommend preparing 1-2 portions of hot water (min. 200 ml) to rinse the filter granule. If you are away for longer than a month, upon your return fit a new filter and rinse the machine before preparing your first coffee.

Are CLARIS filters recycled?

Yes,the filter materials are recycled as much as possible. They are not, however, used to produce new CLARIS filters. This is due to approvals under food safety legislation. The filters can be returned to wherever they were bought from.

What exactly happens during cleaning?

JURA automatic coffee machines have integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes, which are automatically displayed by the machine. When a programme is started at the touch of a button, the user is prompted to add the cleaning tablet. Water temperatures of 80 °Care reached during the subsequent automatic cleaning. These high temperatures kill off germs and remove all coffee residue, oils and fats from the brewing unit. If you prepare speciality coffees with milk and milk foam, the integrated milk system rinsing and cleaning programmes, together with the JURA maintenance products, ensure a very high level of cleanliness and convenience.

How many cleaning tablets do I need to use per cleaning operation?

One is enough. The composition and size of the JURA cleaning tablets are ideally matched to one cleaning operation cycle. This guarantees effective cleaning.

What happens if I postpone the cleaning despite the display prompting me?

The longer you postpone cleaning, the more coffee residue, oils and fats accumulate. This will noticeably reduce the coffee quality.

What is the best way to store milk?

Fresh, chilled milk is absolutely essential when preparing perfect speciality coffees with milk. We would not recommend simply inserting the milk pipe into standard milk cartons. This will not provide sufficient protection against bacteria and germs. JURA containers guarantee optimum storage conditions and perfect hygiene. No matter whether you use the simple glass milk container, the cooling stainless steel vacuum milk container or the Cool Control, which continually cools to 4 degrees Celsius, all JURA milk containers ensure the best milk quality and therefore perfectly light-as-air milk foam.

Why should the milk pipe not be inserted directly into the milk carton?

With correct and regular milk system cleaning, the inside of the milk pipe is always hygienic. But various bacteria and germs may collect over time on the outside of the milk pipe. They may come from particles in the air or through contact with hands. If the milk pipe is inserted straight into the milk, the bacteria are transferred into the milk. Optimum milk quality is no longer guaranteed. For perfect milk quality every time, we recommend using our milk containers, which are the product of intensive research and development. The closed system with a docking point for the milk pipe creates the ideal conditions for storing fresh milk.

How is optimum milk hygiene guaranteed?

The selected materials, ingenious design and elegant look of the JURA milk containers provide the perfect milk storage solution. Connectors designed especially for JURA coffee machines, optimum temperature conditions for milk and intuitive maintenance and cleaning operations guarantee optimum milk hygiene.

How does temperature affect milk?

The best way to serve light-as-air milk foam and hot milk for speciality coffees is to keep the milk fresh at 4 °C prior to heating and frothing. All JURA milk containers keep the milk constantly in the optimum temperature range. Whether actively cooled, insulated or simply kept fresh and returned to the refrigerator, optimum temperature conditions inside JURA milk containers allow the perfect milk results every time.

What are close-fitting connectors?

The connectors create airtight connections between the milk container, milk pipe and milk nozzle. The milk pipe is easy to connect and disconnect in just a few steps so optimum milk hygiene is guaranteed whether you are preparing a speciality coffee with milk or during the automatic milk system cleaning that follows.

What is the purpose of the milk system cleaning?

Many JURA automatic coffee machines allow you to enjoy speciality coffees such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso macchiato and flat white in outstanding quality at the touch of a button. To keep things that way, we developed the milk system cleaning. Together with the automatic cleaning programme, the milk system cleaner effectively removes milk fats and proteins. This keeps the pipes clean and hygienic for consistently fine, light-as-air milk foam.

How often do I have to change the milk pipe even if I clean the system regularly?

With normal use, we recommend changing the milk pipe every 3 months. If you prepare several speciality coffees with milk a day, you should change it more frequently.

Does it matter what products I use to clean and maintain my coffee machine?

Yes, definitely! Only original JURA maintenance products are guaranteed to ensure perfect hygiene and protection. Only our protective formulas have been carefully optimised to suit the programmes and materials used in JURA automatic machines. Our development teams work hard every day to perfect the coffee experience for our customers through innovative technologies and refined processes. Our automatic coffee machines are put through stringent testing to confirm that our maintenance products work. Of course, our maintenance products also have to comply with all statutory requirements and satisfy very stringent TÜV-tested and certified quality standards.

How can mistakes be avoided?

The operating concept of our JURA automatic coffee machines is very simple. The machine is equally simple to care for. Thanks to the integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes, you are intuitively and simply guided through the process in a few easy steps. If anything is unclear, please consult the instructions for use.

Where can I buy original JURA maintenance products?

Our maintenance products are available from specialised dealers or in here.

Do you have a maintenance tip for JURA coffee machines?

When it comes to maintenance products, never settle for anything less than original branded products! You will find this is well worthwhile.